Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cauliflower and Cumin Soup with Cream

I made a delicious cauliflower cheese with one half, and decided to make a soup with the other.

The cauliflower was steamed, which means it is more likely to keep its integrity during cooking. This soup was always going to be blended however, so boiling in water is fine.

The other ingredients are: one carrot, a medium onion, green lentils (one handful), vegetable and chicken stock, one deseeded green chilli, coriander leaf, a teaspoonful of cumin powder, and a pinch of cumin seeds, plus a quarter teaspoonful of turmeric, and a dash of white pepper.

boil the vegetables for half an hour, and then mash. Add the stock. Cook for another half an hour, and then blitz the contents of the pot with a hand blender for two minutes. Serve the soup with two dessert spoonfuls of single cream in a swirl. Delicious!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Chicken Medallions in a Kicap Manis Dressing

Made with chicken breast, chicken stock, carrot, onion, peas, mushrooms, red and green pepper, chopped and deseeded red chilli, and Malaysian Kicap Manis sauce.

A chicken breast from the fridge was chopped laterally into medallions, and the pieces were stir-fried in sunflower oil at a medium heat until properly cooked. Partly under glass, this will take around twelve minutes, during which the pieces should be moved around the pan and turned.

Add the chopped vegetables, and stir-fry for a further ten minutes at a medium heat, Add boiling water, and the chicken stock. Turn the heat down to a low heat, and simmer under glass for a further fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve hot, and drizzle the Kicap Manis over the top of the dish.

Pasta Chicken

Chopped roast chicken breast in a tomato sauce with chicken stock,  garlic, chilli pepper, onion, red pepper, basil and coriander. Served with wheat-free pasta and black pepper, and without cheese.

First, fry chopped onion in sunflower oil with chopped red pepper, until the onion begins to turn golden brown. Deseed the chilli, chop and add to the pan. Add crushed and chopped garlic.

Prepare the tomato sauce. Chopped tinned tomatoes will do, or otherwise a tomato passata. Add some boiling water to the pan, and add the tomato sauce. Add the chopped chicken and stir together thoroughly.  Simmer under glass for at least twenty minutes. During which time you can prepare the wheat-free pasta (8-10 minutes in boiling salted water).

You can serve the pasta first if you prefer, but on this occasion I served the chicken salsa first, then added the pasta tubes.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Pork and Potato Curry

Pork strips from a leg joint, cooked with onion, spring onion, diced mushroom, and peas. With chilli (deseeded) two garlic cloves, and the spices garam masala, cumin, coriander powder, coriander leaf, sliced root ginger, and some ground black pepper.

Easy to prepare. Place all of the ingredients in a pan containing boiling water and cook for half an hour under glass at a medium heat, then reduce to a low heat for another half an hour. Stir occasionally, and check the consistency of the curry. 

During which preparation time you can peel some potatoes, cut them into wedges, and cook them in a steamer for thirty minutes or so at a low heat (put the potatoes into the steamer when the water has come to the boil).

Decant the potatoes on to the serving plate, and add the pork curry. May be served with garlic nan bread.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Leek and Chorizo Soup

A pretty simple soup, made with one large leek, three carrots, 100g of spelt grain, 50g of green lentils, and around 150g of chorizo sausage.

The vegetables were cooked for 45 minutes in water until all were soft. Then they were mashed for two minutes.

Diced chorizo was added, and the soup was cooked for another hour at a low heat under glass.

Add two pinches of rosemary, and a teaspoonful of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, ten minutes before the cooking is complete.

Serve with buttered bread (wheat free or otherwise).

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Chicken in a Ras El Hanout (Moroccan) Sauce

A small chicken crown found in the freezer was steamed for 75 minutes to thaw completely and cook (add extra water halfway through the process). It was then skinned, deboned, and halved.

Semi-peeled potatoes were steamed for forty minutes in a different compartment.

The sauce was made with green pepper, red and yellow grilled peppers, two small onions, one deseeded large red chilli, and one large chestnut mushroom. Stir-fried at a medium heat for fifteen minutes in some of the oil that surrounded the grilled peppers.

I made up a teaspoonful of cornflour in cold water, stirred it thoroughly until mixed, and added it to the pot of vegetables. I added three spoonfuls of Greek style yoghurt, and stirred the mixture thoroughly. Also added was chicken stock, coriander leaf, and a teaspoonful of Ras El Hanout spice mixture. Cook until the sauce has thickened. Serve hot!

Can also be served with rice or couscous.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Chicken in Five Spice Sauce, with Mushroom and Cabbage Stir Fry

 Made with a bag of prepared vegetables from the local Co-op, which included, bean sprouts, chopped mushroom, chopped red onion, two different types of cabbage. Stir-fried in oil from a jar of grilled peppers. The five spice sauce was made with red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, tomato puree or passata, a teaspoonful of coriander, half a teaspoonful of  coriander leaf, a dash of rice wine, some more of the oil from the jar of grilled peppers, powdered chilli, three cloves of garlic, and a teaspoonful of five spice powder. Add water and simmer for at least fifteen minutes. Turn down the heat.
 The raw chicken was cut into strips and stir-fried in hot sunflower oil until the pieces begin to turn golden brown. Once the strips are ready, add the five spice sauce, and stir in thoroughly. Simmer for another twenty minutes or so.

Cook the stir-fry last of all, at a high heat initially, and then turn down the heat. Stir frequently for about seven minutes before serving with a spiral of dark soy sauce, and dusting of either black or Szechuan pepper. Hot and delicious!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Beef Burger with Barbecue Sauce

I bought a pack of burgers from Sainsbury's at a good price. I don't do burger buns with cheese, etc., so I decided to make a barbecue sauce for them with some healthy vegetables.

The ingredients of the sauce are: two small white onions, two thirds of a red and green pepper, three cloves of garlic, two small chopped finger chillies, a teaspoonful of powdered coriander, 150g of tomato passata, and half a teaspoonful of smoked paprika.

The onion was sliced and cooked at a medium heat until it began to go golden brown. Then I added the chopped peppers and the other vegetables. Cooked for ten minutes at a low heat, then I added boiling water. Then the passata, the powdered coriander, and the smoked paprika. Cooked for twenty minutes. No cornflour thickening required.

The burger had already been pan-fried the day before, so much of the fat in it had gone. I put it in an omelette pan with a drizzle of sunflower oil from a jar of grilled peppers (imparts great flavour!), and covered it with a glass lid. Cooked thoroughly for fifteen minutes at a low heat, and turned once or twice before serving.

Served with a chopped fresh spring onion, a dusting of black pepper and shredded coriander leaf. Delicious and simple! Cajun seasoning for the barbecue sauce is an alternative option.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pork and Pepper Stir-Fry

A pork stir fry with two different kinds of cabbage, bean sprouts, red and
yellow peppers, chestnut mushrooms, red onion, carrot, bamboo shoots, finger chillies, garlic, root ginger.

The whole dish was cooked in the same wok, so I started with the pork. I cut into strips two raw pork loin steaks, after removing the surrounding fat. The strips were put into the wok when the sunflower oil was hot, and stir fried for ten minutes, with the heat turned right down to the lowest. After that I turned up the heat again, and added chopped peppers, 3 chopped finger chillies, bamboo shoots, chopped mushroom, garlic, and root ginger strips. Cooked for three minutes stirring almost constantly.

Finally I added the cabbage, bean sprouts, red onion, and some carrot pieces, and stir-fried for a further 3 minutes at a medium heat.

Served on a spiral of dark soy sauce.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pork and Mushroom Stew, with Grilled Peppers and Greek Basil

A delicious stew made with sliced roast pork (from a boneless pork leg), chestnut mushrooms, two large tomatoes, chives, peas, onion, smoked paprika, Oregano, grilled peppers (yellow and red), and Greek basil.

The pork joint was sliced with an electric knife. The peppers came in oil in a jar, so I used some of that in the saute pan. Full of the flavour of the peppers. I chopped up the peppers, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and the chives. The pork and the vegetables were added to the pan when the oil was reasonably hot, and stir-fried for about ten minutes, after which boiling water was added, along with the peas, some smoked paprika (one teaspoonful) and the oregano.

Simmered under glass for an hour or so at a low heat. Before serving, shred some greek basil, and stir through the contents of the pan for one or two minutes. Serve with boiled potatoes, freshly ground black pepper. A dash of Tabasco can be added for a little extra spice. 

I've had 108 visits from France over the past week. They know about food in France, so that number of visitors is gratifying! Thanks for your interest.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Mustard Ham Omelette

A simple omelette cooked as an accompaniment to mustard-breaded ham. Served with sliced salad tomatoes.

The omelette was cooked in a small pan with chopped chives. About three minutes each side, in sunflower oil. Dress with freshly ground black pepper.